The 22-year-old midfielder got the ball from Antoine Griezmann and ripped the back of the net without giving it a second thought.

The goalkeeper didn’t stand a chance.

The English fans, however, want it disallowed.

Apparently there was a foul on Bukayo Saka in build-up but if anything happened, it happened at least 25 seconds before the goal.

Niran (Twitter): “That tchouameni goal is class don’t get it twisted, but there’s no way that’s not a foul on saka on replay”

R0bski2 (Reddit): “Should have been a fucking foul”

Piligrimgunner (Reddit): “Blatant foul on Saka in the build up. Guess France were made promises when they helped Qatar get the World Cup”.

TristanHertig (Twitter): “Yes, it was foul on Saka. First French goal isn’t valid. Where is the VAR?”

Administrativelaugh (Reddit): “Looked a lot like a foul on saka but can’t tell without a replay that they’ve neglected to show. The broadcast always hides controversial stuff”

PoppinKREAM (Reddit): “It looked like an obvious foul on Saka, but they haven’t shown a replay or anything”

PattyIceNY (Twitter): “100%. Ref ficked it up”.

Zoned (Reddit): “Saka got fucking fouled – the full reason France got possession then scored”.

BlueTreesofthemoon (Twitter): “The Qataris want their boy Mbappe to win”

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